TEA2025 5+5 watts Audio Amplifier Board
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Rackeys TEA2025 Audio Amplifier Board

Rackeys has introduced a high fidelity audio amplifier board in stereo configuration using dual TEA2025 audio semicondictors. It is very compact in size. Can be used to amplifiy the audio signals of mobile phones, computers or any other audio source. The TEA2025 audio amplifier board is completely plug and play.


  • 10 watts of power (5 + 5 watts in each channel).
  • Wide working voltage (3 volt to 12 volts).
  • High fidelity class AB amplifier.
  • Onboard 3.5mm AUX socket.
  • Onboard Stereo Balance and Volume control.
  • Can drive wide variety of speakers.
  • Easy mounting via mounting brackets.
bluetooth dongle
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Bluetooth audio dongle

Rackeys Audio bluetooth dongle/adapter is a fully plug and play device that enables your stand alone Home/Car audio palyer to recieve stereo audio from your mobile/laptop via bluetooth network. With quick pairing, and noise-free fast bluetooth streaming, it is awesome in action, and light on your pocket. favourite music!


  • Indiependent DAC that ensures hogh quality stereo output.
  • High fidelity audio CODEC.
  • Auto/Simple pairing support.
  • Open area range more than 10mts.
  • Very low idle current cunsupmtion.
rackeys moving message display
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Rackeys Led Moving Message Display
Rackeys has released a led display for global advertising needs. Knolbar Led display by Rackeys, comes in a compact size, ideally suited for window displays of shops. This Led display is a dot matrix display, available in supper bright white colcour. It comes with a remote control, option for programming, which allows a hands-free prgarmming of LED alphabets and symbols. The LED Display has different modes allowing the LED text to be displayed It is cheap, and compact, and durable, and is ideal for displaying every moving message.

led display controller
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A range of dedicated controllers for manufacturing low cost alphanumeric moving message displays.

  • A small display (16 chars) For window displays in shops, stores, showrooms, and DJ systems.
  • A longer display (32 chars) for banks, institutions, news, company franchises etc.
  • A moving message display that can be mounted on the rear glass of cars, with many unique functions.
  • Can be connected to RS232 port of the computer.
  • Can be connected to standard IBM-AT keyboard.
  • Can store approximately 65000 characters.
rackeys moving message display kits
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Evaluation Kits
Rackeys range of evaluation kits for manufacturers for manufacturing low cost alphanumeric moving message displays.

  • ER16ALRK
  • ER16ALKK
  • ER32ALRK
  • ER32ALKK
  • ER11ALCK
cyber logger
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Cyber Logger
Rackeys Cyber Logger is complete solution for cyber cafe loggings.

  • User friendly hardware
  • User friendly software for client as well as server
  • High security for clients and server settings>
  • USB connectivity
  • IBM-AT Keyboard Interface
  • Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows
telephone mobile call flasher
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Call Flasher
Rackeys Call Flasher helps the Internet user to know whenever a phone call interrupts his Internet session. As soon as somebody phones you while your Internet session is on, the callflash software will indicate it by flashing rackeys flashmark on the screen.

  • Fully plug and play
  • No batteries needed
  • Very small in size
  • Compatible with Windows9x, Windows Me, Windows Xp