Multi Clock Manual

Multi Clock is a real time clock that shows the system time. It is a multilingual clock that uses five different Indian languages to display the time. Hence it is beneficial to have a desktop clock in the language that you speak. Moreover the colour of the clock can also be changed at will. The Multi Clock at present is available only in seven different Indian Languages.

Multi Clock Features:

  • Multiple Indian language clock, includes: English, Bengali, Oriya,Kannada, Gujrati, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu.
  • Changeable colour option.
  • Inbuilt Calendar.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Stay-On-Top feature.
  • Very easy to configure. Right click menu.
  • Right click pop up menu.
  • Can be dragged to any convenient place on the desktop.
  • The clock memorizes its current position, language and colour.
  • Available for all versions of Windows.

Installing Multi Clock:

  • Download the version that is appropriate for your operating system, from the download section of to your desired directory.
  • Double click the MultiClock icon.
  • The program will be installed automatically, and will appear on the desktop in the form of a clock.
  • It will be on the desktop at every boot.

Using Multi Clock:
Once you have installed the Multi Clock, It will start automatically when the windows start.

  • Program Selection:
    Press Right Mouse button on any digit of the clock, a pop-up menu will appear. Click the link for the appropriate function you want to perform.
  • Desktop Placement:
    Press Left mouse button on any digit of the clock and drag the whole button to the desired position on the desktop. The program will memorize its current position.
  • Removing Multi Clock:
    To remove the program permanently, press Remove This Program in the pop-up menu. The message box will confirm whether you want to quit program or whether you want to remove it permanently.