TEA2025 Audio Ampilifier Board

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RAC5-2C amplifier is a wide voltage input stereo monolithic power amplifier powered by TEA2025B that can operate from 3 to 12 volts and provides about 5+5 watts of output power. It can be connected to wide varity of load impidance ranging from 32ohms to 4ohms. All these features makes this a versatile amplifier to be connected to wide range of products; computers, mobile phones, microcontrollers, other audio products where a descent amplification is required. It is a good product for projects and hobbies.
RAC5-2C audio amplifier is plug and play type of amplifier. One just needs to connect it to voltage adapter ranging from 3 to 12 volts. Audio input jack accepts strandard 3.5mm jack. Mobile or any other audio source can be connected to the amplifier via this audio jack. Volume control is also provioded to adjust the volume of the amplifier. Stereo balance can be achived via rotating BAL knob. This module can be connected to small three inch speakers for hi fidility sound.

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Know Your RACKEYS RAC5-2C audio amplifier board

  1. Balance Control.
  2. Volume Control.
  3. Left Speaker Output.
  4. Right Speaker Output.
  5. AUX input for connecting Mobile, computer, etc).
  6. DC input socket (3 to 12 volts).
  7. Mounting Brackets.
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Connecting to audio source
AUX 3.5mm standard socket is provided onboard this audio amplifier to facilitate the connection of the amplifier to audio source like mobile, computer, etc via standard audio cable having 3.5mm jack.

  1. Amplifier should be switched off and its volume should be set to minimum prior to plugin or plugout the AUX cable .
  2. Insert one end of 3.5mm AUX jack into the AUX socket of this amplifier.
  3. Insert the other end of the AUX jack into the AUX socket of your audio source; mobile, computer, etc.
  4. Make sure that your source's signal are not cliping. Its recomended to open the volume of your source to 75%
  5. Switch on the amplifier and slowly rotate the volume knob to adjust the volume. Avoid to high volume level that leads to clipping.
  6. Balance knob can be used to set the balance between the right and left speakers.
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Powering from standard DC power adapter (3v to 12v)

  1. Audio amplifier board can be powerwed by any wall power adapter that can provide 3v to 12v DC.
  2. Amplifier can prive aproximately 5 + 5 watts of power into 8 ohms speaker with 9 volts at power terminals.
  3. Relation between speaker impedence and DC voltage can be found from table I.

Specifications: Table I

tea2025 specifications image