Knolbar Led Display FAQ

LED Display FAQ

This is the list of the frequently asked questions that might come though your mind regarding the Led Display. Please feel free to contact us in case you want to know something that is not covered below. We shall be ready to help you at all times.


Do I need a computer to program it?
No, Knolbar Led display does not need a computer from programming. The Led Display comes with a remote control, which allows it to be programmed wirelessly.

Can I place it on a table?
Yes, the size of Rackeys Knolbar Led display is very optimum. It can be even placed on a desk, and hung on a wall, or on shop window.

Does it consume a lot of power?
No, Knolbar Led display does not consume much power, so you can leave it on, even when your store is closed.

Does it need any servicing?
No it does not need any maintenance or servicing. Knolbar Led Display has been developed using highest quality standards.

What is the cost price of the Knolbar Led Display?
Please contact Rackeys support center for current Knolbar cost.
Is it viewable in sunlight?

Yes, Knolbar uses super bright white led's which makes its messages viewable in bright sunlight but it is preferable to keep it in shade.

Can we operate it with battery?
Yes, Knolbar Led Display can be operated with any 12V battery.

How can we connect Knolbar Led Display with 110V or 220V mains pwer supply?
You can use standard 12V/500ma wall adopter to power the Knolbar Led Display.