Cyber Logger Manual

In the cyber cafes, timekeeping is an essential logistics area as the surfers are charged according to the time they have spent surfing. Normally the cyber cafe manager records the time on a paper register, and in bigger cafes they use a separate computer for the same, which is quite expensive and cumbersome.

To remove this inadequacy we have developed a stand-alone Rackeys Cyber Logger, that could be placed on the desk of the cyber cafe manager, and while sitting on his table he can keep the time, and other logistic record of the his customers. The customer too will be able to see the time on-line, he would start his session himself, and when he ends the session he would know the time and the charge. The cyber cafe manager would know the corresponding time and the charge too, by just pressing the button of the specific customer upon the Rackeys Cyber Logger. Standard IBM-AT Keyboard can be attached to the Rackeys Cyber Logger at the provided socket. The name and address of the customer can be entered and saved in the log report through this attached keyboard for record purposes. Rackeys Cyber Logger also provides the shutdown of all the clients and server with single button. The machine would also provide for cyber cafe membership whereby cyber cafe manager can create prepaid or postpaid membership (optional). It also provides for a site alert which when initiated would alert him about any immoral or anti-national sites visited by the customers in their cyber cafe cabins (optional). It is a stand-alone machine, cost-effective, easy to use, and when attached to a printer it would also provide the cyber cafe manager the hard copy of the individual usage of all clients for the day or the month whichever he requires. The machine provides high client and server security.

How Rackeys Cyber Logger will help Cyber cafes if installed at their premises:

  • Will give them technological first.
  • Will provide better customer care.
  • Will induce transparency in their dealing with customers.
  • Will reduce man-hours, as the manager at a cyber cafe will not have to leave his table for time and money assessment of clients.
  • Will help greatly the logistical management of a cyber cafe, as no attendant can make any customer surf for free, as each logging will be recorded automatically.
  • The day or the month's log recorded, and this can dispense away with the paper registers.
  • It will provide high security on Win 98, Win ME, Win NT, Win 2000, Win XP.
  • Standard IBM-AT Keyboard can be attached to the Cyber Logger at the provided socket.
  • It also provides the shutdown of all the clients and server with single button.

Working of Rackeys Cyber Logger:

The Rackeys Cyber Logger is attached externally to RS232 port of the computer (server). Server software of the Rackeys Cyber Logger is installed on the computer to which the Rackeys Cyber Logger is attached. Client Software is installed on all the network computers including Rackeys Cyber Logger server.

Features of Rackeys Cyber Logger:

  • User friendly hardware.
  • Backlit alphanumeric LCD display.
  • Very simple to operate (menu driven).
  • User friendly software for client as well as server.
  • High security for clients and server settings.
  • Easy readable text file for all logs.
  • Printing enabled.
  • Very easy to set the whole network.
  • Clients time is synchronized with server on Log On.
  • Different price/time slot setting.
  • RS232 connectivity.
  • IBM-AT Keyboard Interface.
  • Shutdown all the clients and the server with a single button.
  • Cyber cafe membership (optional).
  • Immoral and anti-national site alert (optional).
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows

Flexibility of Rackeys Cyber Logger:

  • Any computer can be made server in a network of computers, i.e. there is no need to install server software on LAN server. Any computer or LAN client can also act as Server for this machine.
  • Server made for this machine can also be used as client at the same time. Only need is of installing the client software on the same computer running server software.
  • For printing purposes, printer can be a network printer or any local printer. There is no need that printer should be connected locally to the server.
  • Records are kept on the server for easy accessibility to the administrator.
  • Secure password protection of client computers.
  • Standard IBM-AT Keyboard can be attached to the Cyber Logger.

Minimum system requirements:

  • Pentium I, 166 Mhz.
  • Resolution of 800x600.
  • All versions of Windows
  • Standard IBM-AT Keyboard can be attached to the Cyber Logger.