Call Flasher Manual

Rackeys Call Flasher user manual and installation guide

Rackeys Call Flasher helps the Internet user to know whenever a phone call interrupts his Internet session. As soon as somebody phones you while your Internet session is on, the callflash software will indicate it by flashing rackeys flashmark on the screen.

Hardware Installation:

  • Gently take out the device from the packing.
  • The device has two connectors, one each on the opposite sides. One is COM port connector, second is the telephone line connector.
  • Check on your computer rear to find a spare COM port, usually COM2 is available.
  • Now, attach the device to the spare COM port of the computer, and tighten the screws.
  • Attach a small length of any telephone wire to the telephone connector of the device. The other end of this wire should be connected to the telephone terminal, in parallel to the telephone and modem.
  • Place the device at any appropriate place. Alternatively you could paste it to the cabinet, with the help of the self-glued stickers on the bottom of the device.

Software Installation:

  • Switch on the computer.
  • Run the setup from the floppy disk provided alongwith.
  • The setup will detect the device, and it will automatically install the software. (Before running the set up makes sure that the device is plugged in at the COM port).
  • This device is plug and play, and it will automatically detect the COM port on which it is attached.
  • After the set up is complete restart the computer.
  • The installation of both hardware and software is complete.

Doís and doníts:

  • Donít plug or unplug it while the computer is on.
  • Donít remove or plug-in the telephone wire into the device while the computer is on.
  • Donít open the device as some parts may contain high voltage.