Subwoofer filter board

rackeys rac-sf1 subwoofer filter board image rackeys rac-sf1 subwoofer filter board solder side image

RAC-SF1 subwoofer audio filter is single supply low pass subwoofer filter for driving subwoofer amplifiers; and it can be connected easily between any audio source and the amplifier. It has wide input single-supply voltage range (9v to 18v) and a gain of aproximately +14 db at 31Hz. There is onboard phase inversion switch to invert the phase of signals at the output. The control of output gain is achieveable via an onboard gain control.

rac-sf1 subwoofer filter board connections image

Know Your RACKEYS RAC-SF1 audio subwoofer filter board

  1. Mounting brackets.
  2. DC input connector (9 to 18 volts).
  3. Subwoofer output to amplifier connector.
  4. Stereo input connector.
  5. Gain control.
  6. Phase inverting switch.
rac-sf1 subwoofer filter board power socket image

Features of RAC-SF1 subwoofer filter

RAC-SF1 lowpass audio filter board is plug and play type of bass filter board. One just needs to connect it to voltage adapter ranging from 9 to 18 volts. Audio input jack accepts stereo audio from mobile or any other audio source. The filtered low frequencies are available at sub output jack, that can be connected to any amplifier to drive the subwoofer. Invertion of audio phase at output can be achieved by toggling the phase switch. Moreover, the gain can be increased or reduced to a desired level by turning the gain control clockwise or counter clockwise, respectively.

  1. Single supply input voltage.
  2. Onboard gain control.
  3. Onboard output phase inverting switch.
  4. Gain of +14db at 31Hz.
  5. Mounting brackets for easy mounting.
  6. Very small in size that fits easily in any enclosure.
  7. Plug and play type, with wired connectors.